poster for "Black Friday Dance Party"

Black Friday Dance Party

This weekend the last visitors from the 10-day CouchSurfing “CS Slumber Party” departed in different directions:

  • Terézia went East to the Grand Canyon
  • Ele P. went South to her former London roomie’s place in San Diego
  • Eleo R. went West to a recording studio in Huntington Beach

But Wait!

They’re all coming back!

Terézia, Ele & Eleo are coming back on Friday 27 Nov to spend a last day or two here at Casa Glenn. And they’ll be joined by Sara, Rafaela & Nuno from Lisbon, and Alex & Lucy from Romania & Czech Republic. So DJ Ele & DJ Eleo have declared this day Black Friday Dance Party!

IDK exactly what time it will be.
Or what it will be.
But I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t miss it!

poster for "Black Friday Dance Party"

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