Stefanie, Glenn & Zeinab posing in front of a large world map

Hello World!

More than most of the websites I create and don’t know where they’re going… I don’t know where this website is going!

But I do know where it comes from…

In a 2-week CouchSurfing whirlwind of Elena, Carl, Maria, Antonio, Isnaya, Fabio, Stefanie, Zeinab, Lara, Lorenzo, Anita, Kevin, Anthony, Sheedia & Demetrick… we had a lot of inspiration and ideas.

When Stefanie, Zeinab and I were making reservations for our kayak trip to Santa Cruz island, I heard Stefanie recite her email address to the operator at Island Packers:

bla-dot-bla @-yahoo-dot…

I could almost hear Stefanie say “com”, it’s such a familiar refrain. But instead her sentence ended with “de”. Of course I immediately wanted a .de address. And of course Stefanie replied,

Sorry, you’re not German, you can’t have one.

And… well… here we are…

Stefanie, Glenn & Zeinab posing in front of a large world map

3 thoughts on “Hello World!

    1. The girls? A blog??? Hahaha!! Stefanie’d dye her hair pink before she’d start a blog! 😛

      Actually, I’ll put up an “About” page in the next few days. It should make it easier to know what you’re looking at.

      How’s things back home in Curaçao? Have you done any more Periscopes? So awesome that you got Ambyr to start her “social media campaign” a year earlier than she thought she was going to!

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