Jacek Golanski conducting a laughter workshop

Laughter Workshop!

House Concert

Inspired by House Concerts, Polish Laughter Workshop leader Jacek Golanski is leading his first House Laughter Workshop at Casa Glenn on Saturday!

  • Saturday 19 Dec ’15
  • Meetup at 7pm
  • 90 minute free workshop starts at 8pm

participants in a Laughter Workshop

Laughter Workshop

Here’s a description from Jacek’s Laughter Workshop website:

Laughter Workshop is a set of simple exercises, each of which ends with laughter – sometimes subtle, often uproariously, but always flowing deeply from the diaphragm. Participation in the activities does not require any preparation. What is needed is only a little bit of confidence, courage and a lot of curiosity.

Jacek Golanski conducting a laughter workshop

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